About Us Profund Medical Equipment

Profound Medical Equipment was founded by helping our own family member and their friends with their mobility needs. From that point we saw a vision to begin buying pre-owned stairlifts, refurbishing and helping people who need mobility solutions. Within a very short time began buying new stair lifts from manufactures and now we are the only Florida Distributor of Stannah Stairlifts serving the entire State of Florida. Stannah has been in business since 1865 and is five generations family owned manufacturer. The leader in Lift Mobility.

We supply stairlifts, Vertical Lifts, Walk-In Safety Tubs, ADA Pool Lifts, Incontinence Products, all mobility products to keep everyone as active and comfortable at home.

Why Stannah Stairlifts

There are many different stairlift on the market today, and we have seen, installed and serviced most of them. We have secured the manufacturer the offers the most reliable product on the market today. Stannah Stairlifts is the fastest growing manufacturer for a good reason, they have a great product, design, technology and they are reliable. Our prices are very competitive and our expertise is excellent. Don’t hesitate if you would like a FREE survey for you staircase. We are upfront with our pricing. We have installed hundreds of stairlifts, so if you would like to give us a call we can also explain what to look for. For curved applications we use a highly sophisticated "stairtracker" survey that reduces our time of surveying even the most complex staircases by hours. Most staircases can be measured for a stairlift in about a half hour, even the most complex ones and best of all, the stair lift is guaranteed to be a perfect fit. Don’t hesitate to call us for FREE literature or brochure!

About Stannah Stairlifts

A family owned company which has been in business for over 140 years, Stannah Stailifts has helped to solve more than a quarter of a million peoples stair-climbing difficulties in over 50 countries. Using these years of experience, we combine unrivaled expertise with the market-leading technology to build stair lifts for you home that a quick to install, easy-to-use, reliable and, above all safe.

A history of achievement Stannah Stairlifts is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of stair lifts, which are renowned for their ease of use, quality and reliability. In 1975, the first stair lift was launched in the UK. In 1987, 1994 and 1999. Stannah stair lifts are now distributed in 42 countries world-wide and are the market leaders in almost everywhere, including the key markets in the UK, Germany and Japan. Stannah’s first north America office opened in 1992, and the company now sells stair lifts across the entire continent, from Nova Scotia to Hawaii, and from Puerto Rico to British Columbia.

Stannah Stairlifts uses technical knowledge, together with advice and feedback from Occupational Therapists and customers, to provide the best in stair lift innovation. Strong relationships have been built with health-care professionals, users and distributors and this allows us to discuss and identify the real need of our customers.

Our products and support services are available to provide you with peace of mind and, above all, help you retain independence in your own home.

Commitment to development extensive research and development supports our commitment to produce the best stair lift using state-of-the-art-technology. We aim to offer a total solution in terms of product and support to our customers, their families and caregivers. This means that not only must our stair lifts be the best, our customer care support service must match-up to this highest standard.


A Stannah stairlift is a chair that travels along a rail close to the edge of the stairs. The rail is attached to a few of the stair treads, not the wall. Installation takes about 4 hours. The chair is powered by batteries which recharge automatically when not in use. The charger is plugged into a regular outlet. At the top or the bottom of the stairs. The chair swivels to face safely onto the top landing.

Weight limit: 350 lbs (straight stairs) 300 lbs (stairs that turn)


Minimum: three steps. Maximum: 26 steps (straight) No Maximum for the curved stairlift. Construction: wood, marble, tile, stone, concrete. Doors at top or bottom usually ok. Handrails usually get relocated but can ofter be left if desired. The outlet should ideally be within 10’ of the top or the bottom of stairs, on the same side of the stairs as the stairlift.


Most of our customers get a Stannah so they can stay in their home. They can usually walk on flat ground but find the stairs difficult.

Wheelchair-users can use a stair lift if they can transfer from one chair to another. The user (or helper) pushes a button to make the chair go-it’s designed for arthritic hands. A key prevents unauthorized use.


We are 5th generation family business making lifting equipment since the 1860’s. Stannah has for many years been the world’s leading stairlift manufacturer. We sell our stairlifts through approved dealers only. We have a reputation for good engineering and customer service.


Profound Medical Equipment has proven their expertise and stands by their every word in assisting customers from installation and their after care is excellent. The installations have been checked numerous times by us and they are always passed 100% perfection.

Profound Medical Equipment, your Stannah Stairlift supplier, is keeping people in the homes they love.