The Professionals at Curved Stairlifts

Profound Medical Equipment installs the Best by Design Curved Stairlifts.  Direct from the manufacturer cut out the middle man.  We have not put much emphasize on commercial advertising of our Curved Stairlift.  We would rather put those dollars to work for the consumer and put it in the workmanship of developing the best quality Curved Stairlift today with the most affordable pricing.  With our small custom rail designed by Stairtracker which produces a blue print for your staircase for the most custom Curved Stairlift today.

Each Curved Stairlift is professionally installed by a Certified Trained Technician.  All our Curved Stairlifts installed comes with one on one training after the install.  Our installers won’t leave until they know you are comfortable with using your new Curved Stairlift 100%.  We check on all our customer’s after the install and all say they should have done this sooner!

  • Custom Slim Line Rail System
  • Stairtracker Blue Print of staircase
  • NOT a centimeter of your staircase is wasted
  • Tightest turns
  • Certified Trained Technicians Always
  • Professional Installation
  • One on One Training
  • 2 years Complete Warranty ON EVERYTHING!
  • Life Time on the Motor
  • Over 500,000 installed today!
  • Always True to Our Word
  • Stands behind our Curved Stairlift from install to when you may needs us
  • 24 priority service if the need arises
  • We test all unit prior to shipment
  • Not one Curved Stairlift has been manufactured incorrectly always a perfect fit
  • More chairs and color options available than any other company
  • Patented Folding Footrest
  • Stops immediately if the sensor touch an obstruction
  • Never stuck in event of a power outage battery allows 40-50 trips without power
  • Only company that tests Curved Stairlifts on 100,000 journeys equivalent to 20 years
  • We ensure that our Curved Stairlift s reliable enough to meet your expectations
  • Established Curved Stairlift Experts
  • Free Curved Stairlift Survey with a proper no obligation quotation
If you are hesitant on who to choose for your Curved Stairlift.  You have found the best company in Florida.  Profound Medical Equipment.  We have available real life testimonials and many of our customer love to show off their Curved Stairlifts for a ride.  We stay true to our word.  What we say we do.  In search of a Curved Stairlift start with Profound Medical Equipment we will get you started in enjoying your whole home again.  Curved Stairlift is the best solution to any stairs that have landings or bend in anyway, does not matter what type of configuration of stairs you have in your home Profound Medical Equipment can fit you with a Curved Stairlift.  If we need to wrap a Curved Stairlift around a tree we could do it.  We are the best established experts when there is a need for a Curved Stairlift.